okay…this was only an assignment for my English class but ppl are actually reading and viewing my stuff…wow thank you


Oh the pain

a couple of days ago, i took my friends car keys and phone, and a couple of hours later i got got the S%^$@  beat out of me with a belt. tell me, how the hell can she not see her keys when she took back her cell-phone and the keys were in the same hand as the cell phone. FML

Let Freedom Ring

these are the pictures that i believe best represent freedom

the most awesome cars in the world.

whoo hoo. these cars are in the top in their class and all of them are worth more than your house. (probably, most likely,yeah they are)

A Real Blog ???????

so far i have been doing things out of the blue. now i will blog about what i did in the weekend. I played the best game ever with friends Gears of War 2. it was awesome. i played the one in the right

Band of Brothers

Band of Brothers

My future

my future car 🙂


Whoa! awesome!!!!!